Building Inspections

Inspection requests are required before 4 p.m. to be scheduled the next day and the time blocks are AM or PM. The Town of Double Oak utilizes a 3rd party contractor and all requests for inspections must be made with the town.

Q:  How do I know if I pass inspection?

A:  The inspector will leave a green tag if the inspection passes.  If the work does not pass a red tag will be left documenting the corrections that need to be made. It is your responsibility to check the jobsite for an inspection tag. 

7-28-2020203 North Hill CourtPassed
7-28-2020250 Whispering OaksPassed
7-27-2020835 Cross TimbersPassed
7-27-2020120 High OaksPassed
7-27-2020321 Cedar CrestPassed
7-24-2020130 Shady OaksPassed
7-22-2020185 Oak Trail Passed
7-22-20205001 Lusk LanePassed
7-21-2020100 Eagles PeakPassed
7-17-2020205 Fox TrotPassed
7-17-2020135 N. Woodland TrailPassed
7-17-2020129 Chapel HillPassed
7-16-20208401 Justin RoadPassed
7-16-2020111 W. CarruthPassed
7-16-2020195 Oak TrailPassed
7-15-20208401 Justin RoadPassed
7-13-2020123 Chinn ChapelPassed