Open Records

Public Information Requests

The Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552, Texas Government Code establishes requirements for governmental bodies to respond to written request for access and/or reproductions of public information. Public records include paper and/or electronic documents created, obtained, or used by the Town of Double Oak in the conduct of its business and which are in its custody.

(a) An officer for public information of a governmental body shall promptly produce public information for inspection, duplication, or both on application by any person to the officer. In this subsection, "promptly" means as soon as possible under the circumstances, that is, within a reasonable time, without delay.

(d) If an officer for public information cannot produce public information for inspection or duplication within 10 business days after the date the information is requested under Subsection (a), the officer shall certify that fact in writing to the requestor and set a date and hour within a reasonable time when the information will be available for inspection or duplication.

Please visit their website for additional information: Texas Office of the Attorney General: How to Request Pub­lic Information.

All public records will be made available to the public as requested unless the law provides for an exception to disclosure. Such exceptions include:

Bank account/routing numbers (Tex. Gov't Code § 552.136)Credit card number and expiration date (Tex. Gov't Code § 552.136)
Date of birth (Tex. Gov't Code § 552.101)Driver’s license number (Tex. Gov't Code § 552.130)
Email address (Tex. Gov't Code § 552.137)Insurance policy number (Tex. Gov't Code § 552.136)
License plate number (Tex. Gov't Code § 552.130)Personal identification number (Tex. Gov't Code § 552.147)
Social Security number (Tex. Gov't Code § 552.147) 

Open Records Requests must be requested using the Texas Attorney General’s Office's Texas Public Information Act Information Request Form below (Texas Government Code § 552.234.)

After the form has been filled out, you may proceed to upload that form with the link below.

 Open Records Request Form (Upload Form Below)

*Note: There may be a fee assessed for requests in accordance with the Act. Please review the Charges for Pub­lic Information webpage here.