Town History

Original Town Council

On May 25th, 1974, Double Oak officially became a town in Denton County. Double Oak was the realization of James F. "Bill" Brittain’s dream of establishing a tax-free municipality in south central Denton County that became a reality. Double Oak was named after the old Double Oak School which was located on McMakin Road, and covers roughly 2 1/2 square miles. Double Oak is defined as a General Law City and is restricted to single family residences with a minimum 1-acre lot size, and a commercial development in the northeast part of the town limits. Residents govern Double Oak represented by a mayor and a town council of five members, and server upon the Town's Boards

J.R. Griswald was elected the first Mayor on June 29th, 1974. Succeeding him were Weldon Word, Tony Horvath, Richard Simmons, Bob Greer, Bernie Carrico, Chuck Bimmerle, Alan Johnson, Jay Wood, Rick Braud, Malcom Nordstrom, Jim Handzel, Richard Cook, Bill Wilkinson, Richard Cook, Pam King, Mike Donnelly, Tom Pidcock, Mike Donnelly, and Von Beougher. Our current Mayor is Mike Donnelly.

Today, Double Oak is known as a volunteer town of approximately 3,079 people as of 2022. Volunteers have been known to coordinate in fixing streets on "Pot Holes Days", decorating town hall for the holidays, and maintaining the town's gardens. The heart of Double Oak is in it's citizens, who also volunteer for our highly experienced Double Oak Volunteer Fire Department.

In 1988, the Town of Double Oak paved the way for establishing the Double Oak Police Department. It was officially activated during the Council Meeting on October 3rd, 1988 at 7:30pm. Double Oak PD began using Denton County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch for receiving calls for service, reducing response times to a matter of minutes. The police department began actively patrolling the streets of Double Oak for it’s citizen’s protection under it's first police chief, Rick Braud. The town is currently protected 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, and consists of 9 full-time police officers (Police Chief, Assistant Police Chief, Sergeant(Detective), Corporal & 5 Officers), 4 part-time/reserve police officers, and a part-time school crossing guard. They are a proactive department that supports community policing, which supports community partnerships, developing solutions for effective problem solving, and evaluating responses to the communities needs to increase the citizen trust in law enforcement.

Double Oak Town Hall staff coordinates in the daily operations of the town, and consists of:

  • Town Secretary (Assists Town Council, Boards & Commissions, Records Management Coordinator, Public Information Officer, Finances, & Human Resources)
  • Assistant Town Secretary (Assists in Town Secretary duties & is the Court Administrator)
  • Technology Administrator (Court Clerk, & Technology Administrator)
  • Public Services Coordinator (Code Enforcement, Permitting, & Public Works)
  • 3rd Party contractors serving as:
    • Animal Control
    • Building Inspector
    • Health Inspector
    • Town Attorney
    • Town Engineer
    • Town Sanitarian.