Deferred Disposition

Deferred disposition is a process in which the judge requires the defendant to adhere to certain conditions. If a defendant successfully complies with the conditions, the case will be dismissed. If the defendant does not comply with the terms of probation, a fine may be assessed and a conviction entered on their driving record. To request Deferred Disposition for an offense, you must appear in person on or before your court date.  You may contact the court clerk during regular business hours for more details, to determine if deferred is an option for your citation.

You are eligible for Deferred Disposition if:

  1. You did not possess a Commercial Driver’s License at the time of the offense.
  2. Your violation was not in a construction/work zone with workers present.
  3. You did not pass a school bus.
  4. You were not charged with reckless driving.
  5. Did not flee or attempt to elude a police officer.
  6. You have a valid driver license.

If you are 24 or younger you will be required to complete a Driver’s Safety Course as a condition of Deferred Disposition. The original “court certificate” of completion of the driving safety course can be printed out after you have completed the course and signed by the defendant before being turned into the court by the end date of your deferred period.

If you are eligible, you may sign up for Deferred Disposition by sending the following 4 items to the Court or appearing at the Court on or before your appearance date:

  1. Required fee – the cost of the citation plus a $50.00 Special Expense Fee; and
  2. The Deferred Disposition Request form below signed; and
  3. A copy of your citation; and
  4. A copy of your Driver License.

Use the form below to request Deferred Disposition:
Deferred Disposition Request Form

Upon completion of the terms and conditions of the probation, your citation will be submitted to the judge for dismissal resulting in no conviction.