Special Instructions for Juveniles

The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over juveniles (16 year old or younger at the time of citation) charged with most Class C misdemeanor offenses. All Juveniles are required to appear in open court for all proceedings in their cases and the parent/guardian of the juvenile defendant is required to be present in court with his or her child, even if the defendant wishes to be represented by an attorney. Failure of a parent/guardian to appear with a juvenile constitutes a separate misdemeanor offense by the parent/guardian and juvenile who fail to appear in court may have an addition charge of failure to appear filed against them. Juveniles that fail to appear or pay their fine will be reported to the Department of Public Safety, who will suspend their driver’s license. Do not mail a plea or payment to the court.

Alcohol or Tobacco Offenses (under the age of 21) must appear in person on the court date given on the citation.