Warrant Information

The court will issue a warrant when you fail to appear on your court date, fail to take care of your citation before your court date, you fail to comply with the Orders of a Judge or you do not complete a payment plan or fail to make payments as promised. You may pay a warrant with credit card (3% processing fee applies), money order, cashier’s check or cash, once the warrant is paid in full it will be cleared. If you wish to speak to the Judge after your citation has gone to warrant you may post a cash bond with the court in the amount of the warrant and a court date will be scheduled.

FAILURE TO APPEAR will result in an additional charge of "Failure to Appear" which carries a maximum penalty of $500.00. IN ADDITION; you may be prevented from registering your motor vehicle, denied driving privileges and issued a warrant for your arrest. A telephone call does not constitute an appearance.

Warrants payments on weekends and holidays: Print your receipt that has your confirmation number and keep it with you. Your payment will not be processed and warrant(s) will not be cleared until the next business day.

How to request Credit for Time Served: Defendant must provide documentation from the jail showing the book-in date and the release date or jail paperwork with a court order showing their incarceration period. A criminal docket sheet from another court is not sufficient.  The court will not call jails to obtain proof of incarceration period.