Police Department


About Us

Double Oak is protected 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, by a full-time law enforcement team.

The Double Oak Police Headquarters is located in the Double Oak Town Hall.

In any emergency, Double Oak residents can dial 9-1-1 to receive a Dispatcher at the Denton County Sheriff's Department.


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Double Oak Police Department to maintain a safe and peaceful community environment by providing effective and efficient law enforcement services through community partnerships, public education and quality service.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ruben Rivas Police Chief (972)355-5995
Cassandra Gaines Assistant Police Chief (972)355-5995
Clint Murphy Detective (972)355-5995
Michael Wyman Officer (972)355-5995
Cody Leinweber Officer (972)355-5995
Lonnie Sneed Officer (972)355-5995
Rosa Riojas Officer (972)355-5995
Eric Tolliver Officer (972)355-5995
Brian Shults Reserve Officer (972)539-9464
Brett Bourgeois Reserve Officer (972)355-5995
Scott Trepinski Reserve Officer (972)355-5995