Virtual Court

On your court date and time if you wish to make a virtual appearance to speak with the judge or prosecutor, join us in virtual court.


You can join our court session by the following methods. Click on the link for further instructions on how to setup Zoom on your device.

Join Virtual Court

  1. Please abide by the dress code on the Court Appearances page.
  2. Go to or open the Zoom app:
    Date: Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 @ 05:00 PM Central Time
    Meeting ID:  910 7135 3232
    Meeting Password: 11032021
  3. After you join the Virtual Court, you will see a screen similar to the one below:
    Zoom Example screenshot
  4. This will add you to the online queue for our virtual docket.
  5. Wait to be selected and when it is your turn, you will be joined into the court session. Please do not leave once you reach this screen, due to large dockets our court has been lasting 2-3 hours long. Please use your correct name for Zoom, or it will take longer to process your case.

View Virtual Court

A live stream will be viewable at Town Hall, but no in person court interactions will be permitted.